Aarne-Thompson Type 2009 (Rotten Tomatoes Movie Reviewers Describe A Scene In Which A Teenage Boy Covers A Teenage Girl’s Mouth As She Screams No, Bangs Her Head Against A Rock and Then Rapes Her As She Slips Into Unconsciousness)
by Jillian Buckley

She has put herself in a dicky situation

His baser urges take control

He succumbs to temptation

He Gets horny

Gets a tad bit impatient

Is a little too forward

Is an unprincipled horndog

Just can’t keep those shorts on

sex-crazed demons that we
are men
just can’t stop trying to degrade
our heroine

And when the rapist is castrated

This is very much a female empowerment film

every male in the theater will cross his legs in empathy

he seems genuinely hurt–
by the rejection
as much as the castration. In a bloody,
young-romantic way,
it’s kind of



Jillian Buckley is a full-spectrum doula and tenants’ rights organizer. Last week, she saw a baby born inside the amniotic sac. Unrelatedly, she is being sued for $31,000,000 for slander. Other writing has appeared in DIAGRAM, Yes! Magazine Online, and TheMarker. You can reach her at mutualsandwiches@gmail.com.