Accord by Anna Vitale

I mean I was thinking about
punishment & how I come to
want it in the form of denial

the replay of fort da
is the fort for dad
symbols of erection

cushion placeholders for
him who would like to
erase another man’s—

did I really just think
schlong?—how juvenile
desire became

like desire
without genitalia
was a form for

juvenilia getting sent
somewhere where desire
was not a prison

but also was not liberation
is there such a thing as freedom
everyone wants

we weep in the intersection
lights sway in the storm
swing balls against

the ring of the storm
one is borne by
the possibility of satisfaction

we weep b/c we fail
in our doggy suits
hunched over

three fingers
the hub

as long as we talk
i can’t get no no no no
hey hey hey

hot click
full of it
jammed nub

dot crescent
shakey substance
or quivering light

metaphysical status
projected so long
it’s time to snooze

I’ll soothe him
his fresh internalized
dick in a way I’m not

so say gimme & let the kids have their rhythm
say discretion when
he means disclosure

stupidity a form
for beauty made as

bear another break
long for

return to hold
her shoes
dangle from her toe

tongue that surface
in her presence
strangers awhile

while coming gives her
everything there is
something to give

see love
like that
that power

they were
between legs
boys raised boys

not virgin but
throne thrown

her shoo
uh the accent
the unconscious

country I
came from
how could I say no

to hours of spit
eros for speech
no space collapse

O, O, a love to wait
for, O, a love to have
from the inside

O, I settle into
sun my breast
my son domain

O, O,
   O, O,
O, O



Anna Vitale performs associative patterns of the unconscious, offering something like psychoanalytic practice as part poetic practice. She’s currently writing a dissertation about suicide and language. Her short books include Unknown Pleasures (Perfect Lovers) and Anna Vitale’s Pop Poems (OMG). Other work can be found in Emergency Index 2012 (Ugly Duckling) and online at Gauss PDF, Harriet: the blog, and