“Touching Feeling”
by Divya Victor

Julia Kristeva spits on my Achilles tendon while my Adam’s apple combs lice from Adrienne Rich’s wigs  as she gossips about my Alcock’s canal when my artery of Adamkiewicz sidles up to Anne McClintock as she burrows into my Bachmann’s bundle while it curls up with Annette Kolodny as she comes and coils over my Bartholin’s gland while my Batson’s plexus pets B. Ruby Rich as she braids friendship bracelets with my Long thoracic nerves of Bell when  my Duct of Bellini bleaches  Barbara Bowen as she promises to call back my Renal columns of Bertin and my Betz cells repairs the hems of bell hooks and she heaves and hugs my Billroth’s cords, but hey, I just
take a little bit
of the cream
off the top
and slip the excess
off the edge
of the jar, so hey,
as Betty Friedan measures my Bowman’s membrane with a tapeworm as my my Broca’s areas massages Carol J. Clover as Cherríe Moraga reads the future in my Brodmann’s areas while my Brunner’s glands keep aside one cup of Claire Johnston as she weighs my Buck’s fascia when my Cajal cell blends Dain Jinhua only to have her spread the coulis all over my Calot’s triangle as Denise Riley sucks her thumbs and clingwraps my Chassaignac tubercle while my Circle of Willis leans on Elaine Showalter as she laughs out loud at my Clara cells when my Colles’ fascia fingers Eva Figes’ thicket and she squirts sangria all over my Cooper’s fascia,

but hey, I just
open the top

part so the rest
always stays moist
over the many
openings and closings
always ready for another, so hey,

                                                                 while my Organ of Corti shakes hands with Eve Sedgwick as she cites my Cowper’s glands as my Cuvier ducts muck all over Evelyn Reed while she lovingly inquires into my Chiari malformation as my Darwin’s tubercle queues for coffee with Felicity Nussbaum as my Campbell de Morgan spot tickles Gayatri Spivak when she licks the marrow from my Denonvilliers’ fascia while my Descemet’s membrane murmurs into Gerda Lerner’s ears and she makes pot roast of my Space of Disse while my Pouch of Douglas purses and pusses around Gloria Anzaldúa and she blows her foamy latte on my Von Ebner’s glands,
but hey, I just
squeeze enough
for one use
so if there is any
still left in the pouch
press and smush till
more comes out, so hey,

                                                                 while my Edinger-Westphal nucleus clarifies a point for Griselda Pollock as she applies for a visa with my Eustachian tube as my Fallopian tube fondles Isobel Armstrong while she throws the gauntlet to my Gallaudet’s fascia while my Gartner’s duct hiccups mud into Jacqueline Rose as she judges my Fossa of Geraldi when it flosses Janet Todd as she frets over my Gerdy’s Fibers when my Gerota Capsule cuddles Jessica Benjamin as she binges on the fat of my Glisson’s capsule while my Golgi receptors suck back on Julia Kristeva and she picks nits from my Graafian follicles and my Gräfenberg spot suckles on sweet Juliet Mitchell,
but hey, I just
cut off a piece as
big as a fingernail
no bigger than a pea
cup it with my thumb
and index finger until I
can crease it down
the middle and split it, so hey,

                                                       as she minces my Grafstein’s Growth into bits while my Bernice’s Bulge bludgeons Kaja Silverman as she rips out my Great vein of Galen when it greases the creases on Laura Mulvey while she pleats my Hasner’s Folds when my Haversian canal chokes on a coming Laura Brown when she chews on my Spiral valves of Heister as my Loop of Henle lunges for Lauren Berlant while she swims in a two piece in my Canals of Hering as it mangles its way into Linda Nochlin when she wrings and shreds my Hering’s nerve as it pops the zits on Luce Irigaray and she slips on the foreskin of my Herring bodies,
but hey, I just
clip the ones I’ll
need when I go
out now, I don’t
necessarily cut out
ones I won’t use
cuz, why would I, so hey,

                                                                                                                                   and my Heschl’s gyri gyrates to Margaret Anne Doody as her fish fork stabs my Hesselbach’s triangle when it mutters its complaints to Marilyn French when she anoints my Antrum of Highmore as it milks Marina Warner when she blacks out on my Bundle of His while its maladies are muddled by Maud Mannoni as she tosses my Scrotal Raphe of Holzer as my Houston’s muscle masticates right through Molly Haskell when she hula hoops with my Howell-Jolly bodies while it tosses a hacky sack around with Nancy Armstrong as she soaks in my Canal of Huguier and it drowns Nancy K. Miller,
but hey, I just
would, if I were you
I would just take
whatever you wanted
in my opinion, which
is not whats important
in case you wanted
to know what
I would do, so hey,

                                                                                                                                                        when she jumps over the hurdle of my Hurthle cell as it bruises under Patricia Erens who curdles the milk pooling in my Kerckring’s valves as they crises themselves all over Rachel Blau DuPlessis while she indexes my Kernohan notch as it kisses Sandra Gilbert when she mouths her pleasure on my Kiesselbach’s plexus as it double fists my Pores of Kohn for the sweet suckle of Sojourner Truth as she hammer-bones my Krause’s end-bulbs as they get soused with Susan B. Anthony while she makes cutlets from my Kupffer cells when they become life savers for Susan Gubar as she sinks with Leo in my Canals of Lambert while they snack and slurp on Susan Kingsley Kent,
but hey, I just
peel the edge back
until the white
parts show or until all
pink stuff dissolves
so I won’t waste
what I don’t use , so hey,

                                                                                                                             as she marinates my Langer’s lines while they linger sweatily near Susan Sontag sun bathing on my Islets of Langerhans as they languish for Teresa de Lauretis when my Langerhans cell captures and holds Toril Moi hostage as she digs her nails into my Leydig Cells while they hold  a séance with Julia Kristeva as she nurses my Crypts of Lieberkühn when they  cry foul all over Adrienne Rich as she writes in ink on my Lissauer’s tract while it plays trick-a-trac over Anne McClintock when she urinates into my Urethral glands of Littré as they plant roses around Annette Kolodny when she stretches and snaps her skin around my Lockwood’s ligament as it throbs for B. Ruby Rich while she takes up the calipers for my Angle of Louis and lines up the facts for Barbara Bowen,
but hey, I just
snip the very tail
end of the green
stems so the
tough bits don’t
slow down
the boiling, so hey,

                                            when she measures my Lovibond’s angle as it strips its nail beds for bell hooks as she hangs her coat on my Lund’s node when it fills the glass for  Betty Friedan while she tucks in the sheets for my Crypts of Luschka as they thicken the walls against Carol J Friedman when she tugs at my Ducts of Luschka as they accessorize the couch for Cherríe Moraga while she naps on my Foramina of Luschka as they punch holes in a belt for Claire Johnston when she knits cardigans for  my Luschka’s joints while they spill chai all over Dai Jinhua as she gets lost in my Macewen’s triangle when she poaches eggs all over Denis Riley while she tramples all over my Foramen of Magendie and it drains its spinal fluid all over Elaine Showalter,
but hey, I just
keep the ones I want
and get rid of the ones
I don’t and clean
whichever ones
I’ve used and want to
keep and grow, so hey,

                                                                                                       as she finally gets to McBurney’s point when it illuminates Eva Fige’s bowels from the inside as she calls the cops on my Malpighian corpuscle when it pulps my spleen all over Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick as she rides bareback on my Meckel’s cartilage while it flares its crimson gills at Evelyn Reed as she shoves fistfuls of dollars into my Anal Crypts of Meera as they stalk on narrow streets Gayatri Spivak when she throws quarters at my Meibomian glands as they cry oil and blood over Gerda Lerner while she tattles to the master about my Meissner’s corpuscle as it shatters Molotov cocktails on Gloria Anzaldúa’s when she shoves soiled tissues into my Meissner’s plexus as it makes mutton steaks of Griselda Pollock while she digs ducts and builds cities on my Merkel cell,
but hey, I just
use half the amount
recommended unless
I’m really unhappy
with the recipe or
unfortunately have
none remaining, so hey,

                                                                                                                                       as it grafts feathers onto Hortense Spillers’ when she takes her mini cooper for a spin on my Meyer’s loop as it tugs on Iren Taylor’s lobes while she rubs hard and uproots my Paraclitoral Recess of Mulvey as it parachutes with desire all over Isobel Armstrong when she gawks and salivates all over my Möll’s gland as it bats its lashes at  Jacqueline Rose while she drains her abscess into my Space of Möll as it dodges calls from Janet Todd when she dissects my Foramina of Monro as they split the septums of their heart for Jessica Benjamin as she oils and shines my Glands of Montgomery when they spill milk all over Juliette Mitchels while she packs her luggage into my Hydatids of Morgagni as they write postcards to Laura Brown as she sips cocktails in a lagoon near my Lacunae of Morgagni when they bucket up their mucous for Laura Mulvey as she splits the bill with my Morison’s pouch and it separates my left from my right to impress Lauren Berlant,
but hey, I just
find the ones that
no one else wants
flush them out
with soap and water
fill them with fresh
or re-loved ones, so hey,

                                                                                                                                                               as she spools her guts in my Müllerian ducts while they nip at Linda Nochlin’s shoulders as she bundles her scarves around my Mahdi Nerve as Luce Irigaray blackmails my Nissl bodies while she shoves mahogany splinters into my Sphincter of Oddi when my Nucleus of Onufrowicz glares at Margaret Anne Doody when she winds silver screws into my Pacinian corpuscles as they boil Marilyn French  while she crumbles her bones into ivory dust over my Paneth cells as they maul Maud Mannoni when she gives papers cuts to my Papez circuit as they sup on the knees of Molly Haskell while she brands my Peyer’s patches as they sew quilts for Nancy Armstrong and she drives BBQ skewers into my Poupart’s ligament,
but hey, I just
wait till the ripe
parts are already
wilting or too mushy
partly because they
won’t pucker when you
warm them up, so hey,

                                                                                                                                       as it invites Nancy K. Miller to dinner as she force feeds my Prussak’s space when it asks for a recommendation from Patricia Erens as she strips the hamstrings off my Purkinje cells as they fluff the pillow for Rachel Blau DuPlessis while she tars and feathers my Pimenta’s Point as it takes notes for Sandra Gilbert when she stabs her stilettos into my Node of Ranvier as Sojourner Truth sutures my Rathke’s pouch with the hair of Susan B. Anthony as she glues my Reichert cartilage to Susan Gubar’s bush as she staples my Renshaw cells to Susan Kingsley Kent as she hammers nails into my Space of Retzius and pins it to Susan Sontag’s clavicle,
but hey, I just
place all the
ones I don’t
pulp into little
ziplocks and place
those in the
freezer for days
like this, so hey,

                                        as she sandblasts my Veins of Retzius when they lysol the crabs out of Teresa de Lauretis when she carves open my Riedel’s lobe and serves it to Toril Moi as she crochets my Rokitansky-Aschoff sinuses onto Adrienne Rich’s pelvic bones as she dilates my Rolandic fissure big enough for Anne McClintock to climb into and spread her ribs when she superglues my Rotter’s lymph nodes onto Annette Kolodny’s thighs as she makes mince muffins out of my Ruffini’s corpuscles and serves them to B. Ruby Rich while she mows over my Russ’s moustache until she runs over Barbara Bowen and shaves my Rutherford Morrison’s sub-hepatic space,
but hey, I just
try to get as
much as I can
as often as I
can or as soon
as I can  until
its enough for me, so hey,

                                                                                                                                                                            when it quietly misses bell hooks as she ambivalently cathects onto my Duct of Santorini as it anxiously longs for Betty Friedan as she hysterically screams for my Schatzki’s ring while it grows increasingly co-dependant on Carol J. Clover when she takes beatings and bruisings from my Canal of Schlemm as it drinks to forget Cherríe Moraga when she stops returning calls from my Sertoli cell as it picks up the shopping for Claire Johnston while my Sharpey’s fibers cut themselves  for Denise Riley as she stands up Elaine Showalter again as she passive-aggressively ignores my Shrapnell’s membrane when it buys another dirty gintini for Eva Figes and she throws up eggs and bacon over Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick,
but hey, I just
fold the pages
with the best parts
and find them
again when I feel
lost or confused, so hey,

                                                                           as she makes fun of my sideburns while my Skene’s gland makes a mix tape for Evelyn Reed as she mothers my Spigelian fascia when it takes tennis lessons with Felicity Nussbaum as she sweats in a sauna with my Stensen’s duct while it cheats on Gayatri Spivak with my Sylvian aqueduct as it does bikram yoga with Gerda Lerner as she takes belly dance lessons with my Thorel’s pathway while it goes on hot air balloon rides with Gloria Anzaldúa as she hand glides with my White lines of Toldt when they ski in the Alps with Griselda Pollock as she tours Paris with my Torcular herophili and they take mixed martial arts classes with Hortense Spillers,
but hey, I just
slice one into
two or two into
ten until there
is enough for
those who
show up, so hey,

when she breaks eggs in  my Traube’s space while it irons shirts for Irene Tayler as she opens a tampon for my Ligament of Trietz while it does the dishes for Isobel Armstrong as she snaps a condom over my Sinus of Valsalva as it uses a swiffer on Jacqueline Rose while she peels sweet potatoes into my Ampulla of Vater when it starches the sheets for Janet Todd as she mends the hems of my Virchow-Robin spaces when they buy stamps and stickers for Jennifer DeVere Brody as she skims the fat off my Virchow’s node while it takes out the trash for Jessica Benjamin as she runs to Rite-Aid for my Waldeyer’s throat as it leaves the last piece for Julia Kristeva and she remembers my mother’s birthday,
but hey, I just
skip the one
right after the
second to last
right before the
last one is almost
about to hit, so hey,

                                       while my Weibel-Palade bodies wants to read Kaja Silverman who wants to call my Wenckebach’s bundle which wants to hear Laura Brown who wants to shave my Wernicke’s area which wants to write Laura Mulvey who wants to update her status for my Wharton’s duct which wants to leave the light on for Lauren Berlant who wants to lick my Wharton’s jelly which wants to talk about itself with Linda Nochlin who leaves my Circle of Willis who slaps Luce Irigaray who slams the door on my Foramen of Winslow which changes the locks on Marilyn French who unfriends my Duct of Wirsung which lies to Marina Warner who finally fucks my Wolffian ducts which starts seeing Maud Mannoni who’d rather be polishing my Wormian bones which can’t forget Molly Haskell who ignores my Zonule of Zinn and buys a drink for Susan Sontag who likes it.



Divya Victor is author of Partial Dictionary of the Unnamable, Partial Directory of the Unnamable (Troll Thread press). She is also author of PUNCHand Goodbye John! On John Baldessari, both from Gauss PDF, Hellocasts by Charles Reznikoff by Divya Victor by Vanessa Place (Ood press), SUTURES (Little Red Leaves). Her books of poems Things To Do With Your Mouth is forthcoming as part of Les Figues press’ TrenchArt series. She curates an occasional interview series, Discourses on Vocality, for Jacket2, is a scholar, and a member of the publishing collective Troll Thread press.

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by Divya Victor

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