“Form A”
by Nicole Zdeb

Name: means victory. For warsome people, that’s comfort. Strong-legged goddess. Nearsighted
and fleet.

DOB: crystallization/nucleation/light of Hunger Moon became


SS#: convergence and retention once the first small crystal forms

Address: Tell me a story about when I was a little girl.

Telephone: (Home) a turbulent flow                                      I use the words you taught me  
(Mobile) source of surface tension                                        if they don’t mean anything any more,
                                                                                                     teach me others.  

Email: Write it down and scratch it out because it is ridiculous. Then leave it in a public place.

Wake up! I have good news for YOU!

Best time to reach you: It was like they were in 1958 jumping rope and someone yells,

How did you hear about us? In the history of my future, I am portrayed as having a big nose.

Check all that apply:

Writing ding a ling makes you feel like one
Layer cake
You assume good things

Nicole A. Zdeb has had poems and reviews published in VOLT, Gulf Coast, Word for/Word, Parcel, Wicked Alice, Foursquare, Humble Humdrum Frock, fourW, and Past Simple. She was awarded the Booranga Prize for Poetry in 2009, and her work has appeared on city buses. In 2010, she edited and published Saqqara, collection of poetry and visual art thematically focused on dreams and the subconscious. Her chapbook, The Friction of Distance, was published by Bedouin Press in 2011. www.nicolezdeb.com