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Gina Abelkop, 5 Poems
Farah Ahamed, One of Us
Jessica Alexander, Mary and the Village Daughters
Kirstin Allio, Three Poems
Shurooq Amin, Three Paintings
Maria Anderson, Sump Pump
Stephanie Anderson, from Mist Nets and Four Poems
Mary-Kim Arnold, Three Poems
Diana Arterian, Two Poems
Mona Awad, The Von Furstenburg and I
Emma Aylor, Three Poems


Michelle Bailat-Jones, gongneung subway, 1 a.m.
Lindsey Anne Baker, Three Poems
Claudette Bakhtiar, Not Now, Maybe Next Time
Layal Barakat, Excerpt from Next Year in Jerusalem
Alyssa Barrett, A Matter of Urgency
Arianna Baum-Hommes, Something All Your Own
Rebecca Beauchamp, Love Stinks, Other Criteria 
Sarah Beller, A Delicate Dance 
Carol Berg, Two Poems
Rebekah Bergman, Other Things
Christine Bettis, Slippage Prisms
Kayla Blatchley (2), Vagina, Shove and Punched
Marina Blitshteyn, Five Poems, Asylum Seekers: a review
Nell Boeschenstein, Coffee Table Book Proposals
Jean Bowels, She Will Come to You Nude
Cristine Brache, Finding Her Way and Passion Dyeing
Sarah Bridgins, So Emotional
Molly Brodak, Three Poems Part 1, Part II, Part III
Debra Broz, Ceramics
Marie Buck, Four Poems, Girls State
Jillian Buckley, Aarne-Thompson Type 2009
Rita Bullwinkel, ZAG
Megan Burbank, Solarizations
Alice Burdick, Two Poems
Matia Burnett, Animal Instincts


Amina Cain, The Continuum of Friendship
Liz Cambra, Two Poems 
Tina Cane, Two Poems  & Two More Poems 
Teresa Carmody, Two Rooms
Flaminia Cavagnaro, Drawings 
Anelise Chen
, A Kind of Encounter with History
Frances Chiem, Evil That Lurks in Those Woods 
Heather Christle, Three Poems
Alexis Clements, Fear/Shame/Money/Art/Ambition
Sam Cohen, Electric and Very Alive 
Claire Comstock-Gay, Ungrateful Skin
Katie Condon, The Human Infrastructure Representative
Sheena MJ Cook, You Sweeten My Hours
Vanessa Couto Johnson, Three Poems
Patty Yumi Cottrell, The Parable of the Terrible Girls
Amber Cowan, Glass
Caroline Crew, The Creator has Given the Maximum
Alex Cuff, A Seasonal Question for You
Emily Culliton, Driving Lessons 
Lauren Aimee Curtis, What a Feeling
Iris Cushing, Three Poems


Trinie Dalton, The Celebrity Beekeepers
Jill Darling, Cell Fragments: reflection in color
Julia Dault, Untitled
Jen Davis, Photography Self Portraits
Sarah-Jane de Brito Martin, Here We Are in a Western
Eugénie de Rosier, Mimi, Claude, Sam, Chloe And Marcel
Sally Deskins, Body Play
Ann DeWitt, Salty Dog Uncle Sam
Ellen Donnelly, Aack
Liz Dosta, The Other Day
Christina Drill, Magnet
Zoe Dzunko, Two Poems


Sarah Edwards, Living with Clams
Natalie Eilbert
, Four Poems
Brooke Ellsworth, from Elegy for a Lady
Juliet Escoria, Two Poems


Ashley Farmer, The Women
Rebecca Farivar, Three Poems
Sonia Feigelson, Getting Anything to Grow
Amy Feltman, Spring
Keegan Cook Finberg, Two Poems
Amy Fusselman
, How to Make Space Disappear


Gabby Gabby, Photographs
Amaryllis Gacioppo, Clean on the Inside 
Jen Gann, Log Dog
Katherine Gallagher, The Journey to Shark Island
Marie Gardeski, Drawings
Kate Garklavs, Letter to Jane from Northern California
Roxane Gay, Lucy Lives in a World of Infinite Possibility
Angela Genusa, Sent From My
Rachel B. Glaser, Three Digital Quilts and Four Poems, 4 More Poems
Becca Shaw Glaser, Alien
Laura Goode, Three Poems
Rachel Gray, New Improvements


Ceridwen Hall, Abstract and Sojourn 
Elizabeth Hall, Orlando
Nicole Haroutunian
, Parakeet
Diana Hamilton, Hair-Pulling, Hats
Ally Harris, Five Poems
j/j hastain, from Xems
Johanna Hedva, Everything is Erotic therefore Everything is Exhausting
Tayler Heuston, Other People’s Butter
Emma Horwitz, Emily
Christine Shan Shan Hou, 3 Collages
Elizabeth Hughey
, Three Poems
Angela Huynh, Marla


Dana Inez, Eight Poems, Speaking of Oneness


Sara Jaffe, My Brain
Jac Jemc, Phantoms
Cathy G. Johnson, Reverie
Heidi Julavits, Navy of the Sick


Megan Kaminski, Dear Sister
Inbar Kaminsky, The Master of Tel Aviv
Caroline Kepnes, A Sideways Speech


Catherine Lacey, Baby, Let Us
J.M. Landon, Elk’s Baby
Nora Lange, Panel vs. Board
Krystal Languell, My Autoerotic Subjectivity
Kari Larsen, Death of a Child Model
Jenna Le, Three Poems
Hilary Leichter, Unfunded Research Projects
Rachel Levy, Back in Town
Sara Faye Lieber, Tall Tale
Jane Liddle , The Agenda Futility, and To Buy
Lisa Locascio, Schwarzwalder Kirschtorte
Eugenia Loli, Collages
Astrid Lorange, Lifting Belly
Éireann Lorsung, Procedure For Certification Of Death Shibo Todoke Kisai Jiko Shomeisho
Trisha Low, Narcissus
Natalie Lyalin, Two Poems


Jennifer MacKenzie, C-M-C
Kendra Grant Malone
, Don’t Cry Lucia
Liz Mariani, Three Poems
Sarah Marshall, Fleshing
Manjula Martin, Bones
Tara Marynowsky, Three Paintings
Mira Mattar, Homemaker, It’s Edge, The Horizon
Cecelia Mayer, Boy (After Jamaica Kincaid)
Amy McDaniel, On Cattlefish and Halves of Water: A Postcolonial Valentine
Erin McIntosh, Diamonds
Nicole Miller, Freak
Maggie Millner, Via Negativa 
Szilvia Molnar, Professor2
Meredith Monk, 16 Millimeter Earrings
Lara Mimosa Montes, Eulogy for Zelda
Andrea Morales, Love in Lost Places
Katherine Faw Morris, Teaser from Rock Candy Mountain
Kayla Morse, These Gorgeous Girls
Andi Mudd, The Advocate
Carrie Vasios Mullins, Macelleria 86
Carolyn Murphy, Two Poems 
Carrie Murphy, Riding in Cars with Boys, On Pitcairn


JoAnna Novak, Monks


Lauren Pakradooni, Etchings and Lithographs
Hannah Pass, Dreamland
Eleanor Paynter, Victory Camera 1-6
Amy Pickworth, Impalement Arts
Vanessa Place
, Boycott Project 12
Dani Planer, The 5th Day of October on 10th St
Casey Plett, Move Around
Hilary Plum, In This Matter It Is The Settlers Who Are The Experts
Meg Pokrass, The New Kiss
Anna Prushinskaya, City Story


Molly Rose Quinn, Still Life with Guns


Sara Renberg, Three Poems
Andrea Rexilius
, Poem
Evie Woltil Richner, Burials
Tara Roeder, People Who Have Wronged Me 
Josephine Roele, The First Crossing
Ethel Rohan, Dough
Anne Marie Rooney, Shell of an Egg
Vanessa Roveto, Two Poems
Gabrielle Octavia Rucker, Febrile
Amy Ruhl, Nothing to See Here: Zoe Leonard’s 945 Madison Ave
Zoe Ruiz, I Should’ve Gotten a Chin Implant
Legacy Russell
Emmalea Russo, 1 cup lets (sewing)
Kate Russo, Drawings


Candie Sanderson, Three Stories
Rhian Sasseen, Madame Blanche
Kathryn Scanlan, The Locket
Jenny Scobel, Four Portraits, Four Paintings 
Nike Schroeder, The Railroad System
Alex Sears, Perfect Grills
Meera Lee Sethi, from Mountainfit
Pat Shannon, Newspapers
Amanda Shapiro, Topology, An Interview with Polixeni Papapetrou
Leanne Shapton, Was She Pretty?
Megan Sinnott, Tire Horse
Kimberly Ann Southwick, Hypothetical Anti-Cataclysm
Lauren Spohrer, An Ongoing Conversation with Maria Anwander (part 1) (part 2), Oh, Time, Strength, Cash and Patience
Rachel Statham, Two Poems 
Nicole Steinberg, Rihanna, Schuyler & Diane
Courtney Stephens, HI RISK
Hadley Suter, Leaving the Library


Halie Theoharides, i’m attached to a crime like the teeth of a saint, into the leaf gloom
Meg Thompson, I Think of My Heart as a Battery
Lucy Tiven, Cul-de-Sac
Rachel Trousale, Three Poems
Masha Tupitsyn
, I Love You Till Goodbye


Lia Vé, Four Paintings 
Divya Victor
, Touching Feeling
Anna Vitale, Accord
Danielle Vogel, from Narrative & Nest


Karolina Waclawiak, Two Stories
Aleksandra Waliszewska, Four Paintings
Jaclyn Watterson, Nor Do They
Holly Weinberg, Five Black Outs 
Elizabeth Clark Wessel, Two Poems
Indaia Whitcombe, The Fights
Elizabeth Whittlesey, 3 Poems about Miss Muggins 
Diane Williams, Portion
Kath Wong-Vasquez, The World’s Most Powerful Drug
Angela Woodward, Saskatchewan


Lesley Yalen, Poem with No End
Ariel Yelen, Two Poems
Anya Yurchyshyn, George Saunders Does Not Need to Write a Goddamn Novel Already


Kate Zambreno, He Took Her as His Wife
Leni Zumas, Tell Them to Breathe
Nicole Zdeb, Form A