by Andrea Rexilius

What does it mean to be Romantic?

To wake up each night in a terror sweat

dreaming about Napoleon. Napoleon un-

dressing Napoleon. I dream I am

Mont Blanc and contain a powerful chasm.

I capture Napoleon and roll him up like

a hog in a blanket. I roll him up like a little

roast. Here in the poetry of passing thoughts

we subside. I don’t give a shit about daffodils.

I don’t give a shit about clouds.


Andrea Rexilius is the author of Half of What They Carried Flew Away (Letter Machine, 2012) and To Be Human Is To Be A Conversation (Rescue Press, 2011). For four years she was the Associate Editor of the Denver Quarterly. She currently co-edits Marcel Press with Eric Baus. This June she will be teaching in Naropa’s MFA program and working as a Summer Writing Program Assistant. Her poem was inspired by the Romanticism section of a British Lit. Survey course she is currently teaching.