Two Poems by Rachel Statham

Time Wants Time

I’m only twenty four
and the bread in the kitchen
is already moldy.
It’s the humidity

In the years that have gone by
I’ve become a weatherhead,
constantly checking whether
I should bring a sweater.
Shipwrecking conversations, asking,
“How about this heat?”
It’s so damn hot

On the warm nights
we go out to the beer gardens
and flower bars.
I wear nude shoes to be sexy.
I can’t even cup my liquor let alone hold it.
I’ll probably sleep in my bra tonight.
I want more slow motion moments, but time wants time,
and this bottle is spinning.

I need to cool off
I sit on the dance floor and everyone gets quiet.
This isn’t a declaration.
This is a showcase of my talents—
getting drunk and sitting down.

At closing time, I exit
to an unpredicted sky.
Wet and embarrassed, I find
a lush bush
and puke on it.



oh God
I’m gonna be
one of those people
who bonds with wild animals
            when figuring out my life
                      while living in the woods
                             during my untimely death
                                    in the best years of my life
                          on a vision quest
                    under a blanket of only stars
                up in the mountains
over the rainbow
keep going
            until you reach the fork
                      in the trail/path/grass
                            you see I’ve been hiking toward
                                   nothing in particular
                           just hills and valleys
                     that go on
               and on


Rachel Statham is a librarian and writer currently living in Western Massachusetts. She is founder and editor-in-chief of MISTRESS, an online journal of poetry and short fiction by women. She can be found on the Internet @foxymulder69