Poems 4 Twinks

by Anna Dorn


i love weed & i love guns said my uber driver as we cruised to a sushi restaurant with three stars on yelp where my mom said she'd like to be trampled to death by horses & my sister fell on the floor drunk

a n x i e t y

ppl r like what r u anxious about & i’m like god, nothing anxiety lacks an object haven’t u read lacan for christ sake or no wait lacan said the opposite but that’s not even close to my problem i’m just a garden variety chickadee masturbating onto google docs eating an envy apply & suffering from nothing in particular killing time until gravity stops yanking on my organs until the pit in my stomach dissolves into the soil hey my ambient dizziness wants to know— why did i say that thing 3 years ago like a sad lil freak? also is my skull shaped weird like there’s a tumor trying to get out? my doctor said i might have a hole in my heart & i said honey that’s rich

madness method

strolling thru trees & looking 4 god in the light grasping~ 4 patterns that prob don’t exist not dumb but desp 2 decode these freaky oscillations the randos on reddit say just close ur eyeballs & imagine the cars on the 101 r waves crashing a trance no a chance i guess i’m just waiting 4 ur freckled hand 2 touch me Again\\

the mall

sells endless varietals of stickers praising ~the single life~ there is a mountain lion who crossed the 405 from the santa monica mountains and now lives in a big park alone, without a mate “yass queen” this funeral has an impeccable soundtrack

Anna Dorn

Anna Dorn is the author of three books: Vagablonde (2020, Unnamed Press); Bad Lawyer (2021, Hachette Books); Exalted (2022, Unnamed Press). Her poetry has been published by Muumuu House.