Two Serious Ladies is a small online magazine to promote writing and art by women.

The magazine was created in 2012 by Lauren Spohrer, who regrets how slowly she responds to submissions.

It’s named for the 1943 short novel by Jane Bowles. The novel contains the line:

“I wanted to be a religious leader when I was young and now I just reside in my house and try not to be too unhappy.” 


Three Poemsby Rebecca Farivar

Ruins Everyone is getting engaged at the top of Machu Picchu. It’s so romantic and terrible starting something new on what they think is the top of the world, but is only the top of a mountain. Pizarro never would have won without the help of jealous tribes. Nonetheless it’s impressive. All those rings.   Sneeze No one says bless you anymore because it doesn’t matter. There’s no soul coming out your nose. It’s so hard to wake up and go to the store. It’s exhausting being bored and trying to speak. The world is noisy even on Sundays. Everything’s open and parking isn’t free.   White Bread Eggs used to be bad. Now they’re good like how mangoes are hot and sushi is clean. The grains are plump and no one eats them. If you do you have bad parents.   Rebecca Farivar is the author of Correct Animal (Octopus Books, 2011) and chapbooks Am Rhein (Burnside Review, forthcoming 2013) and American Lit (Dancing Girl Press, 2011). She holds an MFA in poetry from St. Mary’s College of California and hosts the poetry podcast Break The Line.

"New Improvements"by Rachel Gray

Five Poemsby Marina Blitshteyn