Two Serious Ladies is a small online magazine to promote writing and art by women.

The magazine was created in 2012 by Lauren Spohrer, who regrets how slowly she responds to submissions.

It’s named for the 1943 short novel by Jane Bowles. The novel contains the line:

“I wanted to be a religious leader when I was young and now I just reside in my house and try not to be too unhappy.” 


Two Poems by Keegan Cook Finberg


saddle up shift your tie give a blink butter cream revo lu interrupt they get drinks fat big por tions um fill your mouths cake flesh white her work is what hegemony sure yes we know and has she read/thought/looked into slow money no ladies at the cake table, friends.  


The wide world is never the whole case especially when men speak gray. Either the blouse fits or it’s the wrong cut, like today. For me someone else did the wretched work but you’ll find your own fashion of how. Medea was no kitten. Avengers live on and always plot beyond what we fathom— don’t know edges borders or even pot tops: let it seep through. And as it carries on, steam may cause you to close your eyes think of this like a kiss that is boiling too. There is satisfaction in accumulation of days that come next and days that are yours. Wherever this takes you, may you end up in a nice vacation spot after all.     Keegan Cook Finberg teaches at the University of California at Santa Cruz, where she is finishing her PhD in Literature. Most recently her poetry has appeared in Bone Bouquet.

Three Poems by Rachel Trousdale

Macelleria 86 by Carrie Vasios Mullins